An Open Letter To The Girl Who Called Me Fat

An open letter to the girl who called me fat, Hey there! First off, I’m sure you are wondering how in the world I knew to address this letter to you. Well, it turns out that I am smarter than you give me credit for and the friends you used to try and hurt are in fact friends that care about me. Let me begin by saying it was foolish of you to take advantage of the fact that said buddy was drunk and willing to hand his phone over to you so you could be a coward and hide behind his phone number and his keyboard. Unfortunately for you since he is my friend (and also yours, we’ll touch base on that shortly), I know his way of texting. I know how he speaks to me, the words he uses, etc. so the second you started texting me from his number, I knew it wasn’t him. Also unlike you, he has a heart and felt terrible about the whole thing and cleared things up for me. Unfortunately for us, we know this friend through one common denominator: your boyfriend. Funnily enough, he was once my boyfriend but thankfully I got out of that toxic relationship a long time ago. To start things off, I am wondering what you thought you would accomplish by attacking me so immaturely? Did you think that you held the power to make me feel negatively towards myself? Did you think that you insulting me would really have any effect on my life? Cause it didn’t. If anything it made me feel really sorry for you. I am sorry that your boyfriend doesn’t know how to be loyal. I am sorry that he constantly looks at and ogles over other women. I am sorry that he clearly hasn’t changed since I left him years ago. I am sorry for the lies that he has clearly spread about me. (I cheated on him, right? Lmfao) I am sorry that he is still disgustingly obsessed with my life to the point that I can’t post anything on my social medias without you two seeing it. I am sorry that because he is still so obsessed with me, you felt the need to try and tear me down. But mostly, I am sorry that you are so insecure with your own life that you found it ok to try and insult another woman to make yourself feel better. I hope that you are able to find inner peace and happiness so that you don’t need to ever stoop down to that level of high school drama again. Maybe next time instead of taking out your anger on the women who has done nothing wrong, you will take a step back and see the real source of your issues and remove the source of negativity. Sincerely, The woman you tried to insult, but failed to do so. p.s. I love my thick, curvey body. I don’t need your approval or the approval of my emotional abusive ex. You can both kiss my FAT ASS.

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