Black Cat, from Marvel.  She isn’t always the good guy, but I can relate to being the pampered daughter with ambition to make and find my own life, even it isn’t so agreable.

Starting antidepressants was pretty terrifying.  I worried how much of myself I would lose.  A lot of things have been terrifying, but in the end nothing ever turns out as scary as it seems.  I’ve gone skydiving and climbed an Aztec Pyramid, which were more beautiful than anything.  But usually the only things that makes me panic are tests, papers, and school deadlines.  

Take off all my clothes.  There is nothing better than being naked.  There is a freedom in not hiding myself and not dressing up to be someone.  I really love my body and skin, and I’m happy to just be snuggled up in it.

There are so many things to wish for.  Right now I’d love to just be a mermaid.  I’m currently saving up for my dream tail! But I think if I was going to be practical about it I’d wish for the world to be a better place.

… well I have a Hogwarts shirt and I’m trying to decide on a Slytherin sweater or a Beauxbatons Academy of Magic sweater… they have sports teams.  

My friend Jacob McClain got me into modeling.  After months he broke me down and I shot with him.  Then another photographer did the same.  I’ve been modeling ever since.  I have a bad habit of getting into adventures by going with the flow of things.

Astrid Von Winter Gallery

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