Interview with a Beauty

Desy Gato


Who or what got you into modeling?
– It was actually a complete accident. My friend who’s a photographer wanted to shoot me to expand her portfolio. After posting a few pictures, a boutique offered me a gig. After I took it and continued posting from the boutique, more and more photographers and businesses started reaching out to me and here I am!

Where would you like to see your modeling career in 5 years?
-I have several goals i’m working towards. Aside from trying to eventually move my way into music videos, commercials and building my brand, I really just want to help people. I want to spread nothing but positivity and motivation. I want to travel through the states and eventually the world producing amazing photos and videos, and spreading awareness to my self love movement. ❤

Have you learned something important from life?
– I learn something new about life on a daily basis, it’s crazy actually.

Have you ever loaned money to your friends and family?
– I have been asked to, but i would if that were the case.

Any causes you strongly believe in?
-Like i said before, self love and confidence is the main topic i’m trying to be about. all my posts and all i write about on social media revolve around loving yourself and putting yourself first. confidence is beauty, and everyone is beautiful in their own way. It just takes personal growth and strength to see it.

Ever cheated on a test?
-Doesnt everyone? lol

Describe a typical day in your life:
– I wake up every day at 6 or 7am (not on purpose) and i have my breakfast. it’s 90% likely that i’ll shoot during the day, and then im a full time student going to school in the evenings monday through friday. when i dont shoot, i’ll spend the day doing homework or relaxing. i try to travel a lot as well, i’m super curious so my best friend and i go location scouting for shoots all the time.

photographer: @michelangelo_photography


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