My name is Olivia White , I’m a college student , bartender , & model for Bella Life Management. I have been in the industry for almost 5 years now and have grown tremendously through my experiences. The path that led me here was not typical for what a model usually represents. I lost almost half my body weight starting in January 2010. Being 5’4 and a little over 200 pounds I spent most of my “tween” years subject to harsh ridicule and harassment until something finally broke in me… I decided it was time for change. I started my journey at Curves gym for women , where I lost my first 50 pounds and then graduated to a traditional gym where I lost the remaining 35. Since then fitness has become a lifestyle that I will never give up. I encourage everyone to have trust in the blind faith of your own will – even if a goal seems insurmountable , with the right amount of drive and consistency anything is possible.

Olivia Ashton Gallery

Photographer Credits @OwenFilion @YoeyP @MtmPhotography

HMUA Credits Michaela Adele Witt

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