Fantasy is Beauty

Fantasy is just like a dream, just waiting to come true. Waiting for someone to close their eyes, take a breath and let their imagination go to a place where no one can tell you no. The place where everything is possible as long as you believe it. But isn’t that the beauty within it all, seeing something you thought wasn’t possible be so real. As real as letting your hair down and letting it blow into the wind. Without imaginations and dreams there wouldn’t be any hope. A life with no hope is a world with no light but in my world every darkness finds its light! I’d like for you to answer the question, what comes to your mind when you hear the word fantasy? Is it the super hero you always thought you would be or the villain fighting for what they believe in. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a world where the sky is just the beginning with no limits! A place you can find by just believing anything and everything is possible. I’m sure once you figure out what your true fantasy is you won’t want to leave. Just because you open your eyes doesn’t mean your fantasy has to end there. Have you found your fantasy yet?

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