How I Feel

This is not about understanding, it’s about believing in me. Not questioning it at all and just giving me your full support, sense you know that’s what I really need. I need you to see how it makes me feel, something so new to me. This feeling is something no one can give to you. A feeling you when you stop thinking and listening to everyone and just do something you love. A place where hours feel like minutes and time doesn’t exist. The place where I feel most at home, and if you know me at all then you know that’s a hard feeling for me to find. You know that’s a feeling I’ve seem to have lost a long time ago. I’m sure I know exactly how your thinking while reading this, just another thing you have to worry about. Why can’t you just see this is me expressing myself, me going into my own world and letting myself free. A new way of thinking for me, a place I escape to when I feel the need to. I don’t want or need you to worry, be mad or question me, just your support! That will mean more than anything ever could to me. I want you to see me, not for the past or what you think you know about me. I know it’s asking you a lot to trust me so instead just support me. Let yourself go somewhere we can go to be together, alone to the given eye. I know we have it in us to let the past go, so we can go to a better place. A place I promise you that you won’t regret, not now, not ever! I trust in you and if you can do the same we can make this into everything we ever wanted. Just know this is what I crave.

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