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Hey friends!

I’m so sorry for such a late blog post but I have been busy with work and life and etc. But I’m back and BETTER than ever with such awesome information and deals! By the title of this blog post I will be talking about Adore Me. I am so so so beyond obsessed with this website. Like so beyond obsessed. Adore Me is a online store that has some of the HOTTEST lingerie. Starting from bra and pantie sets, sleepwear, and corsets, basically heaven for a girl. They have plus sizes too. So no matter what size you are, you can feel HOT &SEXY too! But if that still doesn’t make you want to check out and buy from the site, let me tell you more! In the Summer they have an AWESOME Summer Sale going on. Like all their swimwear is 50% off right now… YES! 50%!!!! I personally am not a fan of swim wear. But the lingerie… I AM ALL OVER IT.

Before I go into full detail about the items I purchased, I want to tell you how I got all these amazing perks. I did it by being a VIP member. Being a VIP member has it’s pros and cons for sure. Pro is, you get $10 off, ANY SET! YUP. Any set. Which is AWESOME! Most sets range from $49.95. So with $10 off you’re spending and only paying $39.95 for an amazing bra and pantie set. Another perk of being a VIP member is your first set is $24.95, literally the first time you purchase from Adore Me you’re paying almost HALF of the original cost. Talking more about perks, you get FREE shipping and exchanges. Which is very very useful because if you shop online like me you know paying for shipping is a pain in the a*s. Wondering what all you have to do to be a VIP member? I can tell you. Literally all you have to do is buy something from www.adoreme.com the first week of the month and you’re good. Like that’s LITERALLY ALL YOU HAVE TO DO! But let’s say Victoria Secret’s had a super amazing sale and you stocked up and bought so many bras and panties, you’re good for this month and next month… THAT’S NO PROBLEM! You can skip as many months as you want. You’ll be charged a $39.95 refundable store credit. The credit NEVER expires! And if you don’t want to be charged that credit (like me) just ask Adore Me for a refund and the $39.95 they charged you will be refunded to your account within 24 hours-48 hours (for me it was 24).

Now that we’ve talked about the perks and I gave you some tips. I will talk to y’all about the purchases I made. There’s a lot. I bought about 6 sets in the past month. But I’m going to talk about my 2 BEYOND FAVORITE SETS. My very first bra and pantie set I got was the Rylie Push Up. I came out of pocket $19.95 because I was a VIP member and it was my first set, on top of the JULY discount code I had. My shipping was also free because I was a VIP member but all in all my package arrived on time, neat, and with a $10 off coupon for my next purchase. The set was black and nude… I loved the color and feel of the set which is why it’s one of my favorite bras. It makes me feel so sexy and confident. I literally could walk around in this set all day because that’s how confident I felt. The next purchase I made (because I had that $10 off coupon I needed to spend, of course) was purchasing the Lianne Push Up set and Lolita Push Up set (I will talk about the Lolita Push Up set in a future blog post) my subtotal for these two were $79.90 but with being a VIP member and using ANOTHER discount code my total went from $79.90 to *drum roll please* $39.94!!! Shocking, right? Like seriously. The perks of being a VIP member!!! Again with this purchase I received free shipping and got my package in a timely fashion. The Lianne Push Up set is purple, my favorite color and has tiny bows and lining that’s pink. This set is honestly so cute and adorable, I love it and it looks amazing with my skin tone so that’s also a plus in my book.

I will be posting pictures of both sets but if you’re a girl I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend treating yourself and buying at least ONE SET from adoreme.com because the lingerie is such good quality, you get great deals and coupons, and you also will receive your package in a timely manner.

“Wear fabulous lingerie, even if no one is going to see it…” – Myla London

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