What influence has musichad in your life? Music has played a huge role in my life. My only musical talent is in singing so I haven’t done a lot of performance, personally. I also can’t dance to save my life, it doesn’t stop me from trying but I’ll definitely never make a team for it!In my life music has played the role of bringing my repressed emotions to the forefront. I have been diagnosed with several mental health disorders – PTSD, general anxiety disorder, and bi-polar type 2. Up until I found modeling I had no form of artistic expression and I got to a point where I could only confront my emotions through music.

Now that I’ve found and embraced modeling, as well as enhancing several other parts of my life, I have come to a point where I can express myself freely. Now I use music for the enjoyment and happiness it brings.

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to before you go on a photo shoot? I don’t have a particular favorite song but there are a couple artists that I regularly listen to before shoots. Porcelain and the Tramps, they only produced one album and Porcelain later re-branded herself as Porcelain Black and released a single with Lil Wayne (it’s not as good in my opinion). ¬†Almost anything by the Arctic Monkeys. And She Wants Revenge, their sound and style remind me greatly of 80’s Depeche Mode except with a sexier edge.
If you could only listen to one more album the rest of your life, what album would it be and why? If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life…can I choose a series of albums? Any of the Harry Potter soundtracks! I enjoy classical music from time to time but the scores from the Harry Potter saga have such deep meaning in regards to my childhood and they don’t have words to distract you.
What one song is on your playlist that you’d be embarrassed if your friends new about it? I’m not embarrassed by any of the music I listen to. The way I look at life things like music, clothing, hair, make-up, friends, romances, those things in life that we get to choose for ourselves, those define us as a person. To be embarrassed of that is to be embarrassed of oneself. I personally love who I am and choose to embrace all parts of that.…But in the middle of the night when my boyfriend and roommate are asleep you’ll find me in my living room dancing and lip syncing to Miley Cyrus’ latest album. Not all of the songs are lyrical genius but the girl has balls.