Lauren Ashley Still Enjoys the Classic Cartoons

Are you a cartoon-buff? If so, tell us about your FAVORITE cartoons, past and present. Let our readers know more of your “inner-child”.

I’m model Lauren Ashley though I’m an adult who still love cartoons! Currently my favorite animated movie is RIO I love it. I also enjoy all the Ice Age movies. I sometimes even get tears in my eyes watching the sad parts. As a young girl my favorite show was Bay Watch but, I also loved cartoons.  My favorite cartoons were Rugrats, Tom & Jerry, Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote, Garfield, Charlie Brown, and my ultimate favorite The Little Mermaid! Even as an adult when flipping through channels I stop to watch old classic cartoons. It’s a great way to get a laugh and escape from some of life’s stresses.

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