Now, we all think the modelling world is “model eat model. Its not always like that. People have so many thoughts that every model is this or that. I thought just the same, until I had a conversation with a girl that’s been modelling for way longer then me. As I ranted about how infatuated I am with her humbleness, I realized that’s all you really need. Sure, you’re going to possibly shed millions of tears; I sure did, but its always how bad you want it. Its hard, its really damn hard. Staying happy, calm, humble, sane, healthy, and professional is the most hardest things. Stay positive. Stay optimistic. Everything gets better, and a missed opportunity is never the end. Everything happens for a reason. My advice would be, no matter how many words you THINK have just torn you down, keep smiling. You’re absolutely stunning and you’re worth a million photoshoots. Just stay calm and humble. This life isn’t easy, but I promise you its worth it.