Red is the New Blonde

 All women have that one part of their body they absolutely LOVE. Whether it is your cheekbones or your voluptuous curves, tell our readers what YOUR favorite feature is and why.
My favorite feature is easily my hair. I used to hate it and dyed it as a teenager because I was teased for it, but now it is easily my most complimented feature – it’s unique, eye-catching and helps me stand out. Red hair seems to be polarizing – people either love or hate redheads, but i’ll gladly take on the haters for those that love redheads as they are always so passionate with their support! Redheads are stereotyped as being fiery and passionate…that’s totally true haha! I don’t have a mean temper but I love a good debate and I am definitely a passionate person. Red is the new blonde, I say! It’s time for something different in the modelling world, we deserve more appreciation!
Candice Elizabeth Gallery
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