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Snapchat Takeover Rules

Prior to Takeover

  1. Rule One is and always will be HAVE FUN!!
  2. Takeovers can be for as long as you like as long as it’s approved during your scheduling
  3. All models do their own thing on takeovers.  You can be at a photoshoot, a night out, a promo event, chilling on your couch or hitting the gym.  It’s really up to you on what you do.
  4. We will contact you 30 minutes prior to your scheduled takeover with your login info
  5. We will email you a promo photo to post on your SnapChat story for your takeover

Once Logged In You Can..

  1. Take a selfie and change our “ghost” photo
  2. Promote yourself as much as you want on our story including your snapchat, instagram, facebook, upcoming shoots, etc.
  3. Answer Messages received during your takeover (if any are directed to modelthrowdown please long press and save the message for us)
  4. Slight Nudity is accepted

Once Logged in You May NOT…

  1. Show anything sexually explicit
  2. Promote yourself by personally messaging everyone in our contact list
  3. Not have fun