What do you hope to accomplish as a model? 
I’ve been dying to land a cover. I’ve been being published a lot, but still haven’t gotten a cover. Hopefully soon. But the thing I hope to do the most is to be someone who my fans and supporters feel like they can talk to. I want them to realize I’m just a girl and I love to talk to them and get feedback on pictures.
What is the funniest thing that has happened during a photoshoot?
I laugh a lot during shoots. My hair is constantly falling in my face or something silly like that, but the funniest one was recent. I was getting painted with paint brushed and rollers and it was just so funny especially because I’m super ticklish. One of the photographers even had to paint my arm pits 
What are is your biggest passion outside of modeling?
Helping others

Best place you were ever taken on a date?

My second date with my boyfriend was to a place called the works which is like a save and busters, but better and less expensive. It’s one of my favorite dates. We’ve also gone to watch the sunset while having a picnic which was super romantic.

Name a hidden talent you have that not many know about?

I’m really good at school and writing. Whether it be a research paper or song lyrics, I am really good at writing.

Have you ever binged on Netflix, if so what was the last show?

I am always binge watching something. I’m currently binge watching supernatural, one of my favorites.
What is the most used app on your phone?
Definitely instagram

If we asked your best friend to use three words to describe you, what would they be?

I have 2 best friends. I’d describe Kit Kat (Kathryn) as  fun, perfect, and beautiful and Kyle as silly, quirky, and thebestpersonivemetinmyentirelife (not one word, but it’s true)
Photographer Credits: 1st 4 are Richard Bennet the second 4 are Donnie Woods Photography
Other Credits: Painting: Ana Abejon
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