Adriana Lima was the first woman who really inspired me. Seeing her walk the runway for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2006 was really what started everything for me.

Well right now I’m free-lance modeling but I’m interested in trying out all sorts of things. Anything artistic is really intriguing to me.

Sedona. The red rocks are gorgeous and the whole atmosphere is so serene. Its one of those places everyone should visit at least once.
If we are interested in each other and getting to know one another I don’t want to treat me like a buddy

Think New Orleans old style french quarter and that’s it. I love anywhere with a good candle lit ambiance. Live Jazz music and good wine are a win for me any night.

I am somewhat. Sweet white wines and almost anything with Amaretto are really my favorites. They both taste like delicate sensuality that will give you a good kick in the ass that you weren’t expecting.
Landyn Elizabeth

Anything dark. I love a deep wine red or black, anything with lace, suede boots, my 90’s style moon choker, a good smokey eye to accent always gives a sexy mysterious feel and is perfect with almost any outfit. Something vampy has always been my favorite look on a woman. It just screams sexy and confident to me.

In some ways. Every couple of weeks ill go to Half Price Books and end up leaving with a whole pile of things. I’ve been a huge bookworm most of my life so that’s honestly my big splurge haha

I guess I’ll look for a good deal on things if I can but I’m always out looking for versatile pieces that can really go with anything. I’m big into trying to buy clothing that was made through humane means also. The best thing I have in my closet is a gorgeous cream, flower crochet, crop with lots of thin accents that I found in a little specialty shop while out of town. It was definitely a good bit of money but was so worth the buy.
Landyn Elizabeth 2

It all depends on the moment. For me though, if someone is actually interested in dating long term, a kiss on the cheek is best. Kind of a way to test the waters and see if she is into it or not. But then again, sometimes you just know and you gotta go for the kill!

Yup, kind of recently too. Caught me off guard because it doesn’t happen often. Chivalry isn’t completely dead but I don’t think its completely necessary either. Just because someone is a man doesn’t mean they should be expected to do those things for a woman. Of course I always appreciate it and it does make me feel special but I promise I can open my own car door and pull out my own chair. I do have hands haha
Landyn Elizabeth 3

Definitely not a note haha. Being upfront is good. A lot of guys I’ve found ask if you want to “chill” and I’ve never really liked that. If we are interested in each other and getting to know one another I don’t want to treat me like a buddy. I want to actually go out and do something fun and see what kind of person you are.

I used to think so but I’ve kind of gotten to the point that I’m upfront about everything now. The other person is going to find out eventually anyways so why not know the truth ahead of time?
The only time someone can over do it for me is when a man goes into a date thinking that they if they take a woman out a say a couple of nice things they are automatically going to get laid.